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Katharine is a small business owner with over 10 years of high-level management practice, including building effective teams. Her experience in the private sector, non-profit and academic arenas makes her the perfect candidate to take on the widely varied duties of the County Clerk’s Office.


“Katharine Clark has a proven history of advocacy and leading diverse teams. She has a technical and policy background needed in every clerk’s office. I am confident she will ensure the ballot is accessible to everyone and that the clerk’s office is equitable and transparent.”

Maggie Toulouse Oliver

I’ve worked with Katharine. Her organizational no how and ability to mobilize teams to work together effectively are vital skills needed in the Santa Fe County Clerk’s office.

State Treasurer Tim Eichenberg

I’m in Katharine’s Corner. From working with her, I know that she’s committed to making sure that everyone – including those in our community who are under served – have a seat at the table.

Renee Villarreal, Santa Fe City Councilor
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