Make sure you’re counted!

Make Sure You’re Counted!

By now, it’s likely you’ve received your invitation to respond to the 2020 Census. That invitation includes your census ID, which you will need to complete the questionnaire. You may do it online. It’s easy. It’s quick. I did it in under 5 minutes.

There Is No Citizenship Question

For anyone who may be concerned, the census does not ask any questions regarding whether or not someone is a citizen. There is a question about one’s ethnicity.

Why Should I Even Respond?

Simple answer. It’s the law. More importantly, results from the Census are used to direct billions of dollars in federal funds to states and local communities. According to Making New Mexico Count in Census 2020, our state would lose $3,000 per year per uncounted person. We need that money for education, SNAP, CHIP, Medicaid, housing and transportation.

So please. If you have your invitation to respond to the 2020 Census, go online today and complete it. You’ll be making a difference in our communities.