(Santa Fe, NM 5-1-2020)   Geraldine Salazar, Santa Fe’s current County Clerk, is endorsing candidate Katharine Clark to be Santa Fe County’s next County Clerk.

Salazar was elected to the office of Santa Fe County Clerk twice, having served since January 1, 2013. She is term-limited.

“I’m endorsing Katharine Clark to be the next Santa Fe County Clerk because she has a long history of working to help New Mexicans, has a large and varied skill set which will make her an excellent leader in the clerk’s office, and most importantly she has strong ethical instincts. I trust her to run the clerk’s office ethically and competently. “

I am honored to have the support of Geraldine Salazar, who has served as our County Clerk for two terms of office. I will work hard to maintain the trust she has in me, and to carry on the work she’s begun to make the County Clerk’s office more accessible to everyone.