Expand Access to the Ballot and Increase Voter Turnout by:

  • Promoting same-day registration
  • Ensuring assistance and access to anyone who can vote whether that’s more information in different learning modalities, language assistance or mobility assistance.
  • Partnering with campaigns for GOTV with better data
  • Utilizing mobile voting locations
  • Creating a voter portal, where voters could check their ballot status, etc.
  • Increase voter engagement – high schools, text reminders, strong social media presence
  • Champion a mail-in ballot

Preserve Trust and Focus on Strong Election Protection by:

  • Advocating the use of mail-in and/or paper ballots
  • Using systematic trial and error testing for quality assurance
  • Encouraging voters to use the voter portal to track their ballots
  • Creating a strong poll watcher program
  • Providing clear, effective training to Voter Registration Agents & Poll Workers
  • Lessening the wait time for election results
  • Ensuring transparency of election results
  • Using process audits to double check that all state and federal laws are being followed

Create a More User-Friendly Clerk’s Office by:

  • Creating a portal for document request, retrieval and payment
  • Creating a user-friendly interface for documents currently being digitized
  • Offering more data options, such as saving searches and creating alerts for matching agenda items and documentation
  • Expanding the number of documents available online
  • Creating a more effective website