As of this writing, COVID-19 is not currently in New Mexico, but the virus is spreading quickly and it may arrive just in time for the June Primary Election. Those who wish to avoid getting sick or those who are quarantining may worry about being able to vote while they are avoiding public places.

The mechanism for voting while quarantined already exists — Absentee voting. Unlike other states, the voter can simply request an absentee ballot and does not have to provide a reason. But, voters must request an absentee ballot for every election either by mailing in a paper form or filing out an online request at

  • Paper absentee applications can be mailed to the county clerk now. Absentee Application (PDF)

  • Online applications for absentee ballots will be moved up in availability to late March. Got to and follow instructions.

Remember, for your paper absentee ballot application and when returning your mail-in absentee ballot after you have voted (by mail or to the clerk’s office), please DO NOT LICK THE ENVELOPES. Postal workers will be vulnerable to the virus both from handling the mail as well as by traveling to deliver mail. We do not want them to get sick. 


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