Why I want to serve

One hundred years ago, women earned the right to vote. Every generation since has pushed for greater access to the ballot. Our right to vote is the defining characteristic of our democracy.

As Santa Fe County Clerk, I’ll work to make sure that everyone who can vote has the opportunity to vote. I never want to hear someone say – I wanted to vote…but I couldn’t.

As Santa Fe County Clerk, I will work to:

  • Expand access to the ballot by increasing early voting hours and advocating for same day/automatic voter registration.
  • Preserve trust in our elections by supporting the use of mail-in and/or paper ballots.
  • Ensure transparency in election results.



It’s Not Only About Elections

In addition to elections, the Santa Fe County Clerk’s office is vital to our everyday lives. Whether it’s recording our important milestones (getting married, buying a home, filing a will, recording a deed, etc.) finding essential documents or obtaining permits to build, being able to organize and effectively manage the Santa Fe County Clerk’s office is critical.

I will continue to modernize and broaden access to the office, focusing on customer service to make it ever more user-friendly.